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6 Perfect Pick N Mix Sweets For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost upon us. And many of us are wracking our brains to find the perfect gift to show our Dads that we love them. Despite our best efforts, we often find ourselves falling back on familiar cliches like socks, ties, coffee mugs and beer flagons. Sweet treats may not be the most obvious choice for a Father’s Day gift. But they can be amongst the most satisfying. The right Pick N Mix sweets can be a great way to take your Dad back in time to his schoolboy days. They can be the confectionary equivalent of a big hug. They can sit in his desk and help him power through his working day, or they can accompany him on the sofa as he puts his feet up and watches his favourite films

Here we’ll look at 6 of the best sweet choices for Father’s Day from sweets in his favourite colours to Father’s Day chocolate goodies.

Kola cubes

Sweets can do more than just give us a burst of fantastic flavour. They can bring back childhood memories with crystal clarity. Kola cubes are a great retro sweet to send your dear old Dad right back to the playground. Their intense cola flavour is enhanced by the frosted coating. And for those bold enough to bite through the crunchy exterior, there’s a soft gooey cola centre to be explored. A satisfying sweet and a retro favourite.

Chocolate jazzies

Another retro classic, chocolate jazzies are an awesome Pick N Mix sweet that  combines tastes and textures with aplomb. Moreish discs of smooth milk chocolate are coated with a layer of crispy multicoloured candy sprinkles. The combination is a tasty, tempting and satisfying sweet that Dads will reach for again and again.  

Fizzy sour apples

Some like their sweets sweet. But many prefer their sweets with a sour side! And there’s something about the inherent challenge of a sour sweet that brings out the bravado in many a Dad. So, make sure your pa has a sprinkling of fizzy sour apples in his Father’s Day Pick N Mix. A gummy classic with red, green and golden hues, this apple-flavoured treat is covered in a sprinkling of sour fizzy dust. A mix of sweet and sour, soft and crunchy that intrigues and satisfies. 

How d’you like them apples?

Salino Liquorice

If your father likes his sweet treats bold in flavour and easy on the sweetness, you may be drawn to liquorice. This ageless classic has adorned bags of Pick N Mix for generations. And Salino liquorice is the patriarch of liquorice treats. Chunky diamonds of ebony-coloured liquorice that are uncompromising in their audacious flavour. 

Fizzy chips

Is there anything more hearty and satisfying than a heaping bowl of thick-cut chips sprinkled liberally with salt? Maybe not. But for chip-loving Dads, we have a sweet and sour gummy equivalent. Bright and bold in colours, fruity in flavours and sprinkled with a fizzy sour coating, fizzy chips are a great addition to your Father’s Day Pick N Mix Bundle.

Chocolate and peanut butter fudge

Chunky, satisfying and utterly indulgent, chocolate and peanut butter fudge is a quintessential sweet treat that all self-respecting Dads will adore. Chocolate and peanut butter are a time-honoured combination. And with good reason. They combine the sweet, the salty and the savoury in one ultimately satisfying treat. Combine that with the creamy, chewy texture of fudge and you have a treat that will satisfy even the most voraciously hungry Dad!

Which will you add to your Father’s Day Pick N Mix bundle?

Those are 6 of our favourite Dad-friendly treats. But we’ve barely scratched the surface of the huge Pick N Mix selection that we offer. Which will you add to your Father’s Day Pick N Mix bundle? You can either choose one of our pre-prepared bundles, or simply create your own!
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