What Sweets Are in a Classic Pink n Mix?

It goes without saying that we’re pretty passionate about Pick n Mix! A good Pick n Mix is a veritable kaleidoscope of colours, textures and flavours. It can be a great accompaniment to anything from family picnic or a night in front of the TV. One of the best things about classic Pick n Mix sweets is that they have the ability to take us back to our childhood years and evoke a wonderful sense of nostalgia. No matter how old we get, there’s something really comforting about how our beloved childhood sweets always taste the same as they did when we first sampled them from tightly-clutched paper bags.

As nice as it is to expand our horizons and try new kinds of Pick n Mix treats, we always find ourselves going back to the familiar classic sweets. But what sweets go into a classic Pick n Mix? We recommend these timeless goodies... 

1. Cola bottles

Let’s be honest. When we think of Pick n Mix, we inevitably think of cola bottles! After all, cola is one of the world’s favourite soft drinks. And its chewy Pick n Mix counterpart is a staple that no selection should be without. Most cola bottles contain gelatin. But there’s no reason why vegetarians and vegans can’t join the party. Fizzy cola bottles pack in even more depth of flavour and texture, and are completely gelatine-free.

2. Foam shrimp

They’re delectably soft, incredibly moreish, and (thankfully) they’re flavoured with a subtle hint of raspberry rather than shellfish. Foam shrimp are classic sweets that many of us fell in love with during our childhood years. 

3. Fruit salads

What’s better than a beloved classic sweet with a delicious fruity flavour? A beloved classic sweet with two delicious fruity flavours. Fruit salads are delightfully chewy individually wrapped sweets that combine raspberry and pineapple flavours. Combining sweet and sharp flavours with a long-lasting chewy texture, these retro Pick n Mix sweets are nothing short of quintessential!

4. Pink & white mice

What Pick n Mix bundle is complete without chocolate? While there are many chocolate sweets that we love to add to our selections, we believe that pink & white mice really are as good as it gets. There’s something about the creamy taste, crumbly texture that keeps us coming back for more, again and again. 

5. Black Jacks

Liquorice is perhaps one of the oldest Pick n Mix treat. We’ve been enjoying its bold, distinctive flavour since the 19th century. And there’s no liquorice flavoured sweet more quintessential than Black Jacks. Some of our happiest childhood memories involve scoping these inky-coloured chewy classics from their waxy paper and gobbling them up with great relish!

6. Pear drops

Many of the best classic Pick n Mix sweets are chewy in texture. But we also have nothing but love for a good boiled sweet. These hard treats let us enjoy the flavour for longer. And there’s something uniquely satisfying about the fruity, juicy flavour of pear drops that makes them essential for any self-respecting Pick n Mix bundle.

Which classics will you add to your pick n mix?

At Pick n Mix London, we love helping people discover new avenues of taste, texture and aroma with our delicious Pick n Mix sweets. But we also understand who so many keep coming back to the classics. And don’t worry. We always have plenty in stock!

If you share our passion for Pick N MIx, it’s about time you treated yourself to a big bag of these delicious classic sweets. We have lots of delicious ready-made bundles ready to send straight to your door. Alternatively, why not create your own bundle

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