Try These 6 Tasty Vegan Sweets If You’re Doing Veganuary

Try These 6 Tasty Vegan Sweets If You’re Doing Veganuary

Every year, more and more of us try Veganuary to get our year off to an ethical start and see if we can live better on a plant-based diet. The new year is, after all, a time of resolutions and self-betterment. A tradition that dates back to the days of Ancient Rome. There are all kinds of reasons to try going vegan. It can improve our health and massively reduce our household’s environmental footprint. All while voting with your wallet to end animal suffering at the hands of the food industry. Every Veganuary, people realise just how easy it is to go vegan. Especially when their favourite treats are either available in vegan forms or have been vegan all along. If you have a sweet tooth but are unsure of which sweets are vegan, we can help!

We have a huge selection of vegan sweets, from familiar childhood classics to new taste sensations. If you’re looking for sweets that are vegan, you’ve come to the right place! 

It’s our pleasure to recommend these 6 delicious and completely vegan treats...

1. Flying Saucers

Flying saucers








A fondly remembered childhood treat that just-so-happens to be 100% vegan! Flying saucers have been enjoyed for generations, and are the perfect treat to enjoy at home alone or to share with friends. Bite through the colourful wafer exterior and you’ll get a blast of fizzy sherbert goodness that really is out of this world!

2. Strawbs









Everybody loves Strawbs. These tasty, juicy, chewy treats are a must-have for any self-respecting Pick N Mix or gift hamper! Bursting with strawberry flavour, these may be firm and chewy, but they’re completely free of animal-based gelatine. So you can enjoy them all Veganuary-long! 

3. Fizzy Cola Bottles

Fizzy Cola bottle








What’s nicer than cola bottles? How about tangy, sweet and sour, make-you-wince-but-in-a-good-way, fizzy cola bottles? Unlike their flat counterparts, fizzy cola bottles are entirely vegan. They might feel and taste like jelly, but they’re made from glucose syrup rather than  gelatine. As are fizzy cherry cola bottles!

4. Pear Drops

pear drops








It’s not just chewy goodies that are completely vegan. Some of the hard sweets that we’ve enjoyed for decades are also 100% plant-based. Take Pear Drops for instance. From your kids to your grandparents, everyone loves to pop one of these sweetly-dusted hard candy sweets in our mouths and let the exquisite pear taste last as long as we can. 

5. Fizzy Sour Apples

Fizzy Sour Apples








Tangy and tasty and far more convenient than going scrumping, Fizzy Sour Apples have a fruity flavour that has to be tasted to be believed. With all the satisfying texture of a jelly sweet but 100% gelatine-free, these gorgeous gummies are made with real plant concentrates for a yummy flavour that’s completely vegan. 

How do you like them apples?

6. Fizzy Teddy Bears







They’re so adorable, you’ll feel bad about biting into them… For a few seconds anyway! Fizzy Teddy Bears have a tangy exterior, with a mellow fruity flavour underneath. They’re cute as a button… but a whole lot more tasty. Not to mention being 100% plant-based. So you can enjoy as many as you like when Veganuary rolls around! 

Which vegan treats will you add to your Veganuary bundle?

Veganuary is an easy and fun way to join the plant-based revolution, potentially improve your health, and do some good for the planet. And hopefully we’ve shown you just how many delicious vegan sweets you can still enjoy while you’re trying it out. You can add any of these and more when you create your own vegan bundle. Alternatively, if you’d like us to surprise you, why not treat yourself to one of our ready-made vegan sweet bundles?

One thing’s for sure, you’ll find that trying out a plant-based lifestyle is easier than ever with so many delectable vegan goodies to choose from. When you see how many vegan sweets and vegan chocolate treats are available, you may even consider making the switch full-time!

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