Top 6 American Sweets Not in the UK

Top 6 American Sweets Not in the UK

Though we may be biased in saying we think the UK has the best sweets in the world, there are some amazing American sweets that aren’t available in the UK that we’re dying to get our hands on!

 We’ve put together a list of the top 6 American sweets that we wish were available in the UK.

 1. Tootsie Rolls

 Tootsie Rolls are an American icon! Originally they were a chewy, chocolatey sweet but have since evolved into other variations including the equally popular Tootsie Pop, which is a fruit flavoured lolly with chocolate inside. You can also get Tootsie Rolls in vanilla and fruit flavours too like lemon, orange, cherry and lime if you’re not in a chocolate mood.

 2. Jolly Ranchers 

Jolly Ranchers are the American nation's favourite hard candy. These tasty sweets have been around since 1949, and we think it’s about time we Brits could get our hands on them! With their bold flavours, fun packaging and countless varieties it’s no wonder they’re so popular. And, if you were wondering, the red flavours such as cherry, watermelon and strawberry are the most popular. You can even pick up a bag that’s filled with only the red sweets.

 3. Candy Corn

candy corn

 It’s not Halloween in America without Candy Corn. These little brightly coloured white, orange and yellow hard candies are a favourite amongst kids and adults during spooky season. Created in the 1880s, Candy Corn is actually one of America’s oldest sweets. And they have different versions of the candy each season. For Christmas you have red, green and white ‘Reindeer Corn’, for Valentine’s Day you can find red, pink and white ‘Cupid Corn’ and for Easter, there’s pastel-coloured ‘Bunny Corn.’

 4. Twizzlers



Created in 1929, Twizzlers are a popular, chewy liquorice sweet that has long been a firm favourite in America. But, it’s not the kind of black, bitter liquorice that we’re used to in the UK. Twizzlers are actually mainly strawberry flavoured, although they do come in a few other flavours too like orange, cherry and watermelon. 

5. Peeps 

Peeps are very cute marshmallow sweets shaped into yellow chicks, bunnies and other animals that were originally intended to just be for Easter. But, due to their popularity, they were made available all year round and used a lot to decorate cakes with. These sugary sweet treats are now almost essential for every special holiday. For Halloween you can find pumpkin shaped Peeps, for Christmas, there are tree-shaped Peeps and for Valentine’s Day, there are, of course, heart-shaped Peeps. 

 6. Junior Mints

Junior Mints

Junior Mints are a classic American candy that consists of small, round chocolate pieces with a creamy, mint filling. Sounds delicious! They were originally created in 1949 and remained an American favourite ever since. Available in different sized boxes, Junior Mints are light, refreshing and perfect for a chocolate fix!


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