10 Sweets You Didn’t Know Were Dairy Free

10 Sweets You Didn’t Know Were Dairy Free

We wholly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy and indulge in some delicious sweets every now and then, including the lactose-intolerant! Whether you have a child who doesn’t agree with dairy but is craving something sweet, or you're looking for some treats for yourself or a party that will cater to everyone’s dietary needs, we have a wide selection of yummy, dairy-free sweets for you to choose from.

Here are our top 10 dairy-free sweets that we’re certain you’ll love!

1. Foam Bananas

Foam bananas are a tasty retro sweet that reminds many of their childhood and are both dairy-free, and gluten-free so more people can enjoy them! With their fun foamy texture and sweet banana flavour, it’s impossible to just have the one, you just can’t help but go back for more.

2. Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears

Super popular and super tasty, we’re sure you’ll all be pleased to know that Gummy Bears are dairy-free. These colourful, fruity bears are a classic sweet that everyone knows and loves. And, knowing that those following a dairy-free diet can enjoy them too will make them taste even better!

3. Strawberry Twists

A sweet, classic summer treat, the Strawberry Twists are a wonderful combination of strawberry and cream flavours that’s hard to resist. These hard-boiled sweets are most certainly a favourite among many and they’re dairy-free too so you can eat as many as you like without having to worry about the consequences.

4. Liquorice Allsorts

Liquorice lovers can rejoice as the retro Liquorice Allsorts are totally dairy-free! Tasty and unique, these delicious sweets have been a fan favourite for years and it’s not hard to see why with their variety of textures and flavours.

5. Cola Bottles

Everyone will recognise the iconic Cola Bottle sweet, even your grandparents would’ve surely experienced the sensational gummy Cola flavour! Popular amongst children and adults everywhere you can rest assured knowing these sweets are completely dairy-free, as well as their Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottle counterparts!

6. Happy Cherries

If you miss the sweet tangy flavour of fizzy, fruity sweets then make sure you pick up some Happy Cherries in your next order. These dairy-free sweets are such a delight and we can easily eat them by the handful. They’re also gluten-free and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans too...win-win!

7. Dolly Mixture

If these fun, pastel-coloured sweets don’t remind you of your childhood then clearly you were deprived...joking of course! But seriously, Dolly Mixture is an absolutely classic dairy-free treat that you’ll often find in party bags or in the coveted snack drawer at home. 

8. Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers

Shaped like a UFO, a variety of colours, filled with sherbet, melts in your mouth and dairy-free...what more could you want from a sweet? Flying Saucers have been hugely popular for decades and with no sign of slowing down. This fun and tasty treat is here to stay!

9. Soft Centered Turtles

Whether you’re throwing a themed kids party or just want a cute little Friday evening snack, our Soft Centered Turtles are dairy-free and perfect for all occasions. With their gummy outside and soft jelly-filled inside, they’re both a weird and wonderful sweet.

10. Jelly Unicorns

With an irresistible, fruity flavour, fun, vibrant colours and magical unicorn shape, Jelly Unicorns are ideal for children...and the young at heart too. As they’re both dairy-free and gluten-free, plenty of people can enjoy them whenever they like without having to worry about their intolerances.

Did you know you can create your own sweet bundle? Add all of your favourites as a little pick-me-up treat or surprise someone else with a sweet delivery.

Also, make sure you check out our entire range of dairy-free sweets, you may be surprised by what you find!

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