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5 Sweets To Use In Your Easter Basket

5 Sweets To Use In Your Easter Basket

Spring is well and truly upon us. And you know what that means! Cleaning out the home to make it feel new again. Enjoying our time in the great outdoors again. Rejoicing at the sight of sprouting daffodils. And, of course, enjoying our favourite Easter sweets. In the Christian faith, Easter is a celebration of resurrection and rebirth. Regardless of your faith, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the renewed sense of hope and optimism that comes with the season. A feeling that’s arguably more important than ever in these troubled times. 

What better way to celebrate this wonderful time of year than by giving and receiving Easter baskets loaded with tasty treats? An Easter basket allows you to exercise your creative side as you decorate your basket that’s laden with Easter sweets. 

Easter eggs are all well and good. But they’re really just the tip of the iceberg! Here we’ll look at 5 Easter candy treats that deserve a spot in your beautifully decorated Easter basket...

1. Chocolate mini eggs

Let’s face it. It’s just not Easter without chocolate mini eggs. There’s no feeling quite like biting through the colourful sugary shell to get to the creamy-smooth chocolate goodness within. Of course, these treats are so tasty, versatile and moreish that you’ll want to carry on enjoying them when Easter is long gone. They’re also great for everything from a movie night with the family to a picnic in the park.

2. Lemon bon bons

Yellow is the quintessential colour of spring. The colour of daffodils and sunshine brings with it a wonderful sense of cheer and hope. Which is why lemon bon bons make a fantastic addition to your beautiful Easter basket. The combination of sweet and sharp flavours is a perfect accompaniment to a sunny but brisk spring day.

3. Fried eggs

It’s a very eggy time of year. But chocolate Easter eggs aren’t the only egg-related Easter sweets on the menu. Who doesn’t love delicious foam and jelly fried eggs? Tasty, chewy and deliciously satisfying, they’re a great option for those who’ve had their fill of chocolate, but haven’t completely satisfied their sweet tooth.  

4. Mango & Passionfruit Fudge

Spring is about bringing in the fresh, the zesty, and the new into your life. And for those who love fudge, this brings an opportunity or an exciting new kind of Easter candy. Take a look at this sweet, tasty and fabulously fruity mango and passionfruit fudge. It’s the perfect accompaniment to an Easter basket or a spring garden party

5. Fizzy Peaches

Tired of chocolate? Want to add a little extra zing to your repertoire of Easter sweets? How about sprinkling a few fizzy peaches into your Easter basket. They’re the colour of a spring sunrise, with a sumptuously fruity flavour that’s punctuated by the tang of the fizzy exterior. A sharp yet sweet Easter treat that adds depth and dimension to your basket’s flavour palette. 

What classic Easter candy will you add to your basket?

Hopefully, we’ve opened your eyes with this post. There’s much more to Easter sweet ideas than chocolate eggs. Why not create your own Easter sweets bundle to add to your basket? Alternatively, feel free to check out our ready-made Easter bundles which give you a little bit of everything you love. We also have Easter chocolate mix bundles, Easter fudge mix bundles, Easter jelly mix bundles and more. 

We also have a huge variety of vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free sweets. So you can make a beautiful and delicious Easter sweets basket for absolutely anyone!

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