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10 Retro Sweets You Had as a Child

10 Retro Sweets You Had as a Child 

We all remember how exciting it was popping to the corner shop after school to spend our precious pennies on sweets. It was like stepping into Willy Wonka’s factory! The sweet treats lined the walls, towering over us and the choices were endless.

Here are 10 of our favourite retro sweets that will definitely remind you of your childhood!

1. Black Jacks

Who could forget the classic, liquorice flavoured Black Jacks? They’re the ultimate throwback! Costing just 1p back in the day they were a great way to spend any spare cash. And, if you ate enough of them, your tongue was guaranteed to turn black, which appealed to both children and the young at heart. These chewy sweets are just as popular now and still taste as good as you remember. 

2. Fruit Salads

Another iconic sweet that paired perfectly with Black Jacks were the sweet and fruity Fruit Salads. These chewy sweets are still incredibly popular now as they have been over the last few generations. With their mouth-watering raspberry and pineapple taste that lingers even after you’ve eaten them, Fruit Salads are super moreish and utterly irresistible!

3. Love Hearts

Did you know that Love Hearts were originally a novelty Christmas Cracker filler in the 1950s? They quickly rocketed in popularity and are now one of the UK’s favourite sweets! With their fruity taste and cheeky messages, it’s always a delight to receive these from a friend or loved one. They’re also perfect to give out to guests for wedding favours as a sweet little token. 

4. Flying Saucers

The bright and colourful Flying Saucers are instantly recognisable in the UK! These renowned sweets feature a tongue-tingling burst of sherbet in the centre that’s surrounded by a melt-in-your-mouth outer shell in all different pastel colours. These sweets were very popular at children’s birthday parties and are still an all-time favourite today. They’re fun, tasty and out of this world!

5. Chocolate Jazzies

Milk chocolate buttons covered in brightly coloured hundreds and thousands...we couldn’t think of anything better as a child! Chocolate Jazzies are a classic British sweet that has been around for decades and are enjoyed by both the young and the old. These sweets were always eye-catching in the shops and impossible to resist. 

6. Pear Drops

Pear Drops are a classic sweet treat that taste guessed it...pears! With their fun half pink and half yellow colour combination they really brighten up the sweet shop shelves. Shaped like a pear and dusted in sugar they’re the ultimate indulgence. Even now, the fruity and sweet Pear Drop still proves to be extremely popular with people of all ages. You just can’t beat a classic Pear Drop!

7. Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

As a child, whenever you were in the mood for something sour, we bet that Blue Raspberry Bon Bon’s were almost always the first choice! Oddly refreshing and sugary sweet, the Blue Raspberry Bon Bon’s will make your mouth water and your jaw tingle. With their vibrant blue colour, they’re a great addition to your sweet bags and are perfect for parties too.

8. Foam Bananas

There’s no denying that food shaped sweets are always a winner and the soft and chewy Foam Bananas are no exception! These miniature bananas not only look adorable but they’re seriously tasty too. Fruity and sweet, the retro Foam Bananas are fun to eat and children (and adults) everywhere love them! 

9. Candy Watches

We think everyone can agree that Candy Watches were easily the most fun sweets around! You could be sitting in class, subtly munching on a flavoursome Candy Watch while the teacher wasn’t looking and feeling like you were destined to be the next 007.  Sweet and delicious Candy Watches are a classic retro sweet that will never go out of style and that can still be found in many party bags.

10. Cola Bottles

Last, but not least, we have the truly iconic Cola Bottle sweets. Forever a fan favourite children, both big and small, just can’t get enough of these soft, gummy Cola flavoured sweets. No matter your age it’ll always be exciting treating yourself to some of these. And, the Fizzy Cola Bottle sweets are just as tasty too!

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