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6 Pick n Mix Sweets Perfect For a Summer Picnic

Ah, the summer! That magical time of year when the great outdoors calls to us, and treasured memories are made. After what feels like an eternity of lockdown, we’re all looking forward to venturing into the realm of nature. Summer is the time for family fun in parks, woods and meadows. For long walks, nature trails and of course family picnics. 

While we all have our own idea of what’s essential to include in a family picnic, no family jaunt is complete without a smattering of our favourite sweets. With that in mind, here are some perfect sweets for your summer picnic hamper

1. Funky fruits

When choosing sweets for a summer picnic, it’s a good idea to keep things fresh and fruity. Chocolate is awesome. But it may melt on a hot day. When it comes to fruity, refreshing and delicious sweets, funky fruits are the perfect starting point. 

These chewy goodies offer a kaleidoscope of fruity flavours and vibrant colours. And because they’re 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly, the whole family can enjoy them!

2. Fizzy strawberry pencils

After a long walk on a hot day, you might need a dose of refreshing fizz to perk you up. But there’s nothing worse than cracking open a can of your favourite soft drink on a hot day and finding it to be unpalatably warm. The good news is that these fizzy strawberry pencils combine a distinctively fruity flavour with an invigorating fizzy tang. And they taste just as awesome even on hot days!

3. Strawberry cheesecake fudge

Every good picnic deserves a good dessert! Unfortunately, even our favourite desserts may not fare well when carried over long distances in a picnic hamper. That delicious strawberry cheesecake you prepared before setting off might not look so appealing after a long walk in the park. Fortunately, this strawberry cheesecake fudge combines the flavour of this iconic dessert in a travel-friendly block of deliciousness that won’t get squashed and battered in your picnic basket.  

4. Peach rings

Looking for a sweet that brings you a fruity fizzy flavour, but had enough of commonplace flavours like strawberry, raspberry or cherry? Peach rings are the sweet for you! These chewy and delicious golden bands are perfect for the whole family. They bring the perfect mixture of sweetness and sharpness to satisfy and refresh on a hot summer day.

5. Fruit Salads

Take a trip back in time with this blast from the past. Fruit salads feature prominently in many of our favourite childhood memories. And these retro goodies are perfect for picnics. They’re  individually wrapped, making them great for travelling with. Their satisfyingly chewy texture bittersweet pineapple and raspberry flavour are the perfect accompaniment to outdoor fun with the family. 

6. Blackberries & raspberries

We love sweets that combine textures and flavours to keep your taste buds guessing. Which is why we heartily recommend these jelly-based blackberries & raspberries. The perfect accompaniment to a sunny summer day! Bite through the crunchy exterior and you’ll find a deliciously fruity soft jelly centre. A pick n mix classic with no bothersome seeds to pick out of your teeth! 

Which Pick n Mix sweets will you add to your picnic basket?

We’re proud of our huge range of refreshingly fruity sweets that are perfect for a family picnic on a hot summer day. Even with these 6 great examples, we’ve barely scratched the surface. The only question that remains is which will you add to your picnic basket this summer? You can choose a carefully curated ready-made bundle or create your own from scratch. These sweets are perfect for sharing with loved ones and making treasured memories under the summer sun!

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