7 Perfect Pick n Mix Sweets For Mother’s Day

7 Perfect Pick n Mix Sweets For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. On Sunday the 14th of March, sons and daughters everywhere will pay tribute to the women who gave them life, reared, nurtured, and continue to love them unconditionally. On Mother’s Day, many will choose to honour their Mums with flowers… But if Mother Dearest has a sweet tooth, you may find that the scent of a rose isn’t half as sweet as a delicious Pick n Mix gift bundle!

Mother’s Day chocolate gifts are a time-honoured tradition for sweet-toothed mums. But who says you have to limit yourself to chocolate treats? There’s a veritable rainbow of colours, tastes and textures on the Pick n Mix sweets. Whether you’re planning a Mother’s Day party, or a quiet get-together with just you and her, the right mother’s day sweets can be the perfect way to say “I love you”.

Let’s take a look at 7 perfect Pick n Mix Sweets for Mother’s Day…

Chocolate brownie fudge

A block of fudge is the perfect way to say I love you. Rich, chocolatey, creamy and irresistibly tasty, it’s the perfect way to spoil your deal Mum. And while we have a fantastic selection of different flavoured fudges, this chocolate brownie fudge always goes down a treat. And there’s absolutely no baking required!

Perfect for those looking for Mother’s Day chocolate gifts that’ll never melt.

Pear drops

Pear Drops

Is your dear ol’ Mum a sucker for a good boiled sweet? If so, they don’t come much more flavoursome than pear drops. These classic yellow and pink sweets have been enjoyed by women and girls, men and boys for generations. So there’s a good chance that both you and your Mum have fond childhood memories of these tasty fruity treats. 

Love hearts

What better way to show love than with Love Hearts? These fizzy sherbert flavoured sweets are emblazoned with messages of love. Not to mention conjuring precious childhood memories. These retro sweets have been enjoyed for many generations, and were likely as much a part of your Mum’s childhood as they were yours. 

Liquorice allsorts

There’s something classic about the subtly-sweet aniseed flavour and cheerful multicoloured appearance of liquorice allsorts. And if your Mum loves liquorice, these are the perfect Mother’s Day sweets for her. With an awesome variety of colours, flavours and textures, you can chomp on these together for as long as you like and never get bored.

Lemon bon bons

The great thing about Pick n Mix sweets is that there’s something for everyone. No matter what your tastes, you’re sure to find something in our selection to delight your taste buds. So, if your Mum likes a subtly sharp flavour with her Mother’s Day sweets, she’ll love these delicious lemon bon bons. Tasty, and moreish with the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Jelly beans

Want to play it safe? Pick n Mix gifts don’t get much more classic than jelly beans. Bursting with colour and an array of flavours, jelly beans are a treat for the eyes and the taste buds alike. We’re certain that jelly beans will make for great Mother’s Day sweets because… well, who doesn’t love jelly beans?

Jammy Dodger fudge

Lots of Mums enjoy a delicious Jammy Dodger with a nice cuppa tea. But why not combine one of the nation’s favourite biscuits with the rich, indulgent texture of fudge? That’s exactly what you get when you make a gift of this delicious Jammy Dodger fudge

What will you add to your Pick n Mix gift bundle? 

When it comes to  finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, there are all kinds of sweets to choose from. You can either try one of our themed gift bundles, or create your own from scratch. From Mother’s Day chocolate treats to retro classics from her childhood. 

Which will you add to your gift bundle?

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