4 Pick n Mix Sweet Hampers You Can Make At Home

4 Pick n Mix Sweet Hampers You Can Make At Home

Everyone appreciates the gift of Pick N Mix! Your favourite sweets are more than just tasty and satisfying. When you’re going through a tough time, they can be a hug when you need one most. They can provide the boost that keeps you going after a hard day’s work, or a treat that brings the whole family together during a movie night. Whatever the occasion, the gift of a Pick N Mix hamper is perfect for just about everyone! What’s more, putting a sweet hamper together yourself can be a fun and creatively rewarding exercise. 

We all know that homemade presents show the most love, and a Pick N Mix hamper is the perfect way to show that you care. With a wicker basket, some coloured cellophane, a little crepe paper and the right sweets, you can create a gift that brings the wow factor… as well as sensational flavours. 

Not sure where to start? Why not try some of these themed sweet hampers…

1. Retro sweet hampers

We love how the taste of our favourite sweets can send us right back to our childhood years. One taste and we’re instantly transported to the playgrounds of our carefree youth. If someone you care about is celebrating a birthday, a nostalgic retro sweet hamper can help them to feel young again. Pack it full of delicious retro treats like fizzy red liquorice rolls, blue raspberry wheels, kola cubes, or Black Jacks. Decorate it with retro ‘80s or ‘90s stylings. Maybe throw in some period toys or games from that era. And watch the recipient’s face light up!  

2. American sweet hampers

There was a time when we’d see sweets and chocolate treats mentioned in American movies and TV shows that we just can’t get over here. Or we’d holiday on the other side of the Atlantic and bemoan the fact that we just can’t get the same American treats at home. Fortunately, however, the world has gotten much smaller in recent years. American sweets are more affordable and readily available than ever. If you have an Americanophile in your life, give them the taste of the US of A. Combine our range of American sweets with flourishes of red, white and blue for a themed hamper with that 4th of July flavour! Tootsie rolls, Laffy Taffy, mega marshmallows and (of course) Oreos are just a few of our favourite sweets from across the pond.

3. Sweet and chocolate hampers

Sometimes you’ve just got to say it with chocolate! For centuries, we’ve been giving the gift of chocolate to the people we love most. Chocolate is the ultimate feel-good treat, and worthy of a place in any sweet hamper. If you’re looking for treats to go in a chocolate sweet hamper, we have plenty to choose from. Our selection of indulgent chocolate treats is sure to delight the senses and help you create an unforgettable gift. We have chocolate-covered Turkish delight, chocolate jazzies, chocolate mini eggs, pink and white mice and much, much more.  

4. Vegan sweet hampers

If someone close to you has recently done Veganuary, or has always eschewed animal products, don’t worry. They too can enjoy a delicious sweet hamper packed with 100% plant-based treats. Or vegan sweet bundles contain a great range of vegan-friendly treats including strawbs, fizzy cola bottles, peach rings, cherry bonbons and much, much more!

There’s a sweet hamper for everyone!

Whatever your friends’ and loved ones’ tastes, we’re certain that we can help you to build the perfect Pick N Mix sweet hamper for them. So why not try one of our ready-made bundles or create your own from scratch? Pick N Mix sweet hampers are the perfect gift for any occasion!

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