Keeping with the Classics: What are the Nation’s Favourite Desserts?

Keeping with the Classics: What are the Nation’s Favourite Desserts?

For the UK, and most of the world, the last 12 months have been tumultuous. The first lockdown saw many of us dust off our aprons and start baking to keep ourselves occupied. And now, the time has come to put those skills to good use and impress our friends and loved ones (or apply for the Great British Bake Off if you’re that confident)!

You can learn a huge amount about what people are interested in from what they search. So, Pick & Mix London decided to look at data from the past 12 months to find out the UK’s favourite desserts, the most-searched-for desserts in the world, the most-searched-for sweets and whether the UK prefers dark, milk or white chocolate.

The Top Desserts in the UK Revealed

  1. Apple Crumble - 165,000 searches
  2. Chocolate cake - 165,000 searches
  3. Tiramisu - 90,500 searches
  4. Chocolate brownies - 90,500 searches
  5. Cheesecake -74,000 searches
  6. Brownies - 60,500 searches
  7. Baklava - 60,500 searches
  8. Pavlova - 60,500 searches
  9. Rice pudding - 60,500 searches
  10. Banoffee pie - 60,500 searches

It’s official, the UK’s favourite dessert is the classic apple crumble - and it has been for quite a few years now! Warm, delicious and hearty, apple crumble is a real treat for both the summer and winter months. Made with sweet stewed apples and a soft, crumbly crust, this indulgent dessert is usually served warm with cream, custard or even ice cream. Interestingly, the apple crumble recipe originated in Britain during World War II as it required fewer ingredients and time to prepare than the traditional apple pie.

Chocolate cake and Tiramisu were also close contenders for the top spot with 165,000 searches for chocolate cake and 90,500 searches for Tiramisu over the last 12 months. Rich and decadent, chocolate cake was invented at some time in 1886 when American cooks began adding chocolate to the cake batter. Before then, chocolate was a luxury good to the highest social classes with its flavouring mainly used in chocolate drinks.

Tiramisu is a wonderfully creamy coffee-flavoured Italian dessert. Made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layers of a whipped cream mixture and then flavoured with cocoa, it’s not hard to understand why this well-known dessert is hugely popular.

Apple Pie

How Do the UK’s Favourites Match Up with the Rest of the Globe?

  1. Tiramisu - 2,740,000 searches
  2. Cheesecake - 2,240,000 searches
  3. Cream pie - 1,500,000 searches
  4. Creme Brulee - 1,000,000 searches
  5. Baklava - 1,000,000 searches
  6. Brownies - 823,000 searches
  7. Pavlova - 823,000 searches
  8. Crumble cookie - 823,000 searches
  9. Chocolate cake - 823,000 searches
  10. Apple crumble - 673,000 searches

On the global dessert charts, Tiramisu climbs its way to the number one spot while the British apple crumble is demoted to spot number 10. Cream pie and crumble cookies also replace rice pudding and banoffee pie in the top 10. 

It should be no surprise that cream pie is so high up on the list as the Boston cream pie was declared the official dessert of Massachusetts in 1996. A cake filled with a cream filling, it was allegedly first created by a French chef, Raelyn, in the Parker house hotel, 1881 and has remained incredibly popular ever since.

Cheesecake nabs the second position on the charts with a huge 2,240,000 global searches over the last 12 months. This layered dessert is made of sweet soft cheese and a crusty, biscuit base with a wide range of filling flavours to choose from. As we know it, cheesecake evolved in 18th century Europe. However, the cheesecake in some form is said to possibly date all the way back to Ancient Greece. Modern commercial American cream cheese was developed in New York in 1872.

Top Pick and Mix Selections in the UK

We also looked at the most common sweet treats people search for in the UK that you might be able to add to your next Pick n Mix delivery or when you visit the cinema!

  1. Turkish delights - 40,500 searches
  2. Parma violets - 18,100 searches
  3. Candy floss - 14,800 searches
  4. Jelly babies - 14,800 searches
  5. Liquorice allsorts - 12,100 searches
  6. Rhubarb and custards - 9,900 searches
  7. Hard candies - 9,900 searches
  8. Sweet hearts - 8,100 searches
  9. Popping candy - 6,600 searches
  10. Sherbert lemons - 6,600 searches

Google search data shows that people are interested in many of the more traditional favourites - with Turkish Delight (thought to have originated in 1777), Parma Violets (1946) and candy floss (1897) taking the top 3 positions. Surprisingly candy floss was actually invented by a dentist! That’s right, the spun sugar treat was created by dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton and introduced to an audience at the 1904 World’s Fair where it was a huge hit.

Is Dark Chocolate the New Milk Chocolate?

It’s the age-old question that always sparks a debate, are you a dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate person?

Well, it may come as a surprise to learn that dark chocolate takes the win with 22,200 searches in the past year! White chocolate pulls in at second place while milk chocolate falls last with only  5,400 searches.

  1. Dark chocolate - 22,200 searches
  2. White chocolate - 18,100 searches
  3. Milk chocolate - 5,400 searches

If all this talk of chocolate and desserts have you craving something sweet, why not create your own Pick n Mix jar filled with all your favourite retro or modern treats!

We also have a wide range of pre-made sweet bundles perfect for movie nights, gifts or parties.

Image by traveller537 from Pixabay 

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