How To Throw An Easter Egg Hunt At Home

How To Throw An Easter Egg Hunt At Home

Easter is almost upon us. And while this time of year has special religious significance, people of all faiths can rally around one of the things that makes easter so special… chocolate! Let’s be honest! We never grow out of loving chocolate Easter eggs. The sound the chocolate makes when it cracks. The pleasure that comes from biting into those sweet chocolate shards. The excitement that comes from seeing what’s inside. 

Kids and adults alike love Easter eggs. But if you want your kids to earn their chocolate treats, an Easter egg hunt at home can combine fun games with sweet treats. Easter egg hunt ideas can be brought to life with painted hen’s eggs, chocolate eggs, or any other traditional Easter sweets like chocolate mini eggs

But if you’re not sure how to do an Easter egg hunt, we’re here to provide some tips and inspiration…

1. Plan your route

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of route you want your little ones to take. Do you want an Easter egg hunt at home, in and around the house, or all around the street where you live? Of course, the broader an area you cover, the less control you have over the conditions of the hunt. 

For your first Easter egg hunt, we recommend keeping the action confined to the home and garden. Think about where you’ll position your easter eggs. They need to be locations that your children will know intuitively, but they also need to be positioned in places where they’re not likely to melt or be accidentally squashed. 

2. Write or print your clues

Now you’ve decided on where you’ll position your Easter sweets, you need to create a set of clues for your Easter egg hunt. You can either write these by hand, or print them out. The more creative you make it, the more fun it is. Try adding pictures to your clues, or making them into rhyming couplets.

For instance, if you want to put an Easter egg under their bed, you might want to write a card that says::

“The egg is kept near where you sleep. In a dark place where spiders creep.”

You can probably come up with something much better than us. But adding an element of whimsy can make it much more fun for the kids.

3. Add a taste of the theatrical

If you want to make your Easter egg hunt extra special, you could add some theatrics like set dressings for your home or dressing the kids in fancy dress. The Easter egg hunt could be a job for Superman or a quest for Elsa and Anna, or themes around any of their favourite fictional characters. 

4. Use tasty treats as incentives

Kids love a challenge… but they can also get bored if they feel that their efforts aren’t rewarded. So, while you may not want to pair every clue with an Easter egg, you may also want to throw in some tasty treats to reward your little ones’ efforts and keep them on the right track. A few carefully positioned Pick n Mix party bags might give them a little extra energy as they continue on the path of their Easter egg hunt.

5. Don’t overdo it!

You may want your Easter egg hunt to culminate in the discovery of a single chocolate egg. Or you may want to position several smaller Easter eggs along the trail. The important thing to remember is that the little ones don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) eat all their chocolate treats in one day. 

You can keep some for another day, or even use it to cook some delicious cakes, biscuits or other treats together. So your Easter egg hunt leaves them with even more special memories. 

Need a little inspiration choosing the perfect sweets for your Easter Egg Hunt? Remember we have everything from chocolate treats to jelly beans and liquorice goodies. Take a look at some of our ready-made bundles, or even create your own from scratch!

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