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How To Make The Perfect Sweet Hampers: 5 Tips

How To Make The Perfect Sweet Hampers: 5 Tips

A sweet hamper is a great gift for any loved one, and any occasion. It can say anything from “congratulations” to “Merry Christmas”, to “Happy Birthday”, or simply “I love you”. And when you build your own sweet hamper, you have a perfect opportunity to personalise your sweet and chocolate hamper. So you can give a uniquely personal gift that gives your friend, colleague or loved one more of what they love the most! Coming up with your own sweet hamper ideas and building unique bundles can be a lot of fun. But it can also be challenging. Especially with so many sumptuous sweets to choose from.  

Here are some tips to help you build the ultimate sweet hampers for any occasion…

1. Do your homework

The better you know the person you’re buying for, the easier it is to give them a delicious sweet hamper that they’ll never forget. Find out their favourites, and learn what satisfies their sweet tooth the most. But also ensure that you’re catering to their dietary requirements. Many jelly sweets, for instance, contain gelatin which is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. And some chocolate sweets may contain dairy, while others may contain gluten. Both of which can create digestive trouble for those who are intolerant. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to build a vegan sweet hamper, or a sweet and chocolate hamper packed with gluten-free goodies

We have lots of jelly sweets that are suitable for vegans including fizzy cola bottles, and happy cherries. Not to mention tasty gluten-free treats like chewy milk bottles or delicious strawberry twists.

2. Give them the gift of nostalgia


Sweets are more than just a tasty treat. They’re a link to our childhood years. There are lots of Pick n Mix favourites that have a magical ability to transport us back to the playground. So make sure you sprinkle a generous helping of nostalgia into your sweet hampers. Cola bottles, for instance, are a great place to start, not to mention beloved classics of yesteryear like crunchy chocolate jazzies and soft, chewy dolly mixtures

3. Make sure there’s something for everyone

Everyone knows that sweets are best shared! So make sure that, whatever your sweet hamper ideas, you include something for everyone. An eclectic sweet hamper is a happy sweet hamper that all can share. You don’t necessarily have to build a fully gluten-free or vegan sweet hamper, but you should ensure that everyone has options. 

From the smooth, creamy and chocolatey to the crunchy and crispy to the tangy and chewy, try and add something for all tastes. 

4. Go outside their comfort zone just a little

It’s great to be able to give a sweet hamper that is packed with childhood favourites and familiar comfort treats. But it’s also nice to be able to introduce someone to a brand new flavour. So don’t be afraid to add a few goodies to your sweet and chocolate hamper that go against the grain.

Add something sour or tangy to a mostly mellow hamper. Or throw the odd hard sweet in there with the chewy and the chocolatey. 

You never know. 

You might just introduce someone to their new favourite! 

5. Have fun!

Sure, there’s a lot to consider when putting your own sweet hamper together. But don’t fall into the trap of over-thinking. Sometimes, you need to let your creative side take over, and enjoy creating delightful combinations of colours, tastes and textures. 

After all, sweets are supposed to be fun!

Where can I build my own sweet hampers?


We love to make it quick, easy and fun for you to create sweet hampers for any occasion. Our huge range of Pick n Mix classics is sure to wow taste buds everywhere. From retro goodies from your childhood years to vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free treats. There’s quite literally something for everyone!

Take a look at Create Your Own Bundle page to build your own sweet hamper. 

And give the gift that keeps on giving! 

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