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6 Fudge Flavours You Need To Try Today!

The world of sweets has so much to offer us. Your favourite sweet treats can take you back to your fond childhood memories, give you an energy boost on a long walk, bring the family together over a movie, or give you an emotional pick-me-up when you need one most. Which is why many of our favourite comfort foods are sweets. And when it comes to comfort food, absolutely nothing beats fudge! 

The soft, creamy, sweet and oh-so-indulgent taste and texture of fudge make this beloved treat a delight for all the senses. But if you thought that vanilla fudge and chocolate fudge (awesome though they are) were all the world of fudge had to offer, think again! In this post we’ll look at some adventurous fudge flavours that all sweet enthusiasts should try at least once…

1. Jammy Dodgers Fudge

One of the nation’s favourite biscuits, reimagined in fudge form. Jammy Dodger fudge is a must-try for fudge fans. This delicious vanilla fudge infused with a whisper of strawberry evokes the spirit of the beloved crumbly treat. The perfect fudge to enjoy with a hot cup of tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Oh, by the way, for those who love their biccies, we also have Jaffa Cake fudge

2. Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Fudge

As with ice cream, there’s so much more to fudge flavours than chocolate and vanilla. And for the fudge connoisseur who wants to try something a little more challenging, we heartily recommend rhubarb and ginger gin fudge. Sweet, yet subtly sharp and fruity, with a warming hint of ginger. This is one for the grownups who haven’t lost their sense of fun.

3. Mango & Passionfruit Fudge

If you want your fudge to be less vanilla and more thriller, we recommend infusing your fudge with a tropical taste. This delicious mango and passionfruit fudge combines the richness of fudge with the sweet and exotic flavours of these tasty tropical fruits. This is fudge with a real sense of adventure!

4. Baileys Cheesecake Fudge

Is there anything more indulgent than the creamy, warming flavour of Baileys Irish cream liqueur? Well, perhaps the taste of Baileys in a cheesecake? No, wait, we’ll do you one better. The taste of Baileys in a cheesecake… in a fudge!

That’s right, we’ve managed to distill the taste and texture of one of the world’s most indulgent desserts into a fudge. Baileys cheesecake fudge is just perfect alongside a shot of espresso and a comfy armchair. No need to thank us!

5. Crunchy Fudge

Great fudge isn’t just about flavour. It’s also about texture. The softness and richness of fudge is just as appealing as the array of different fudge flavours. Crunchy fudge allows you to enjoy the contrast between the crunchy exterior and the soft, creamy goodness inside. Delicious vanilla fudge is lovingly wrapped in a layer of crunchy rice balls, coated in delicious milk chocolate. 

Treat yourself!

6. Cookies & Cream Fudge

Take the crunchy with the smooth, and enjoy this sensational cookies & cream fudge. Bite into the soft and indulgent fudge and you’ll find crunchy Oreo pieces. A satisfying combination of creaminess and crunch that’s perfect for just about any occasion. 

Which fudge favourites will you add to your pick n mix selection?

We hope we’ve shown you some of the many exciting and delicious fudge treats we have to choose from. But this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at our full selection of different fudge flavours. Create your own pick n mix bundle so you can have a delicious fudge for every mood. Want us to surprise you? No problem! Try our mystery mixed fudge pick n mix selection. If you like fudge, you’ll love the variety of our fudge selection! 

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