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4 of Our Favourite Sweet Flavours

We love sweets. We love pretty much everything about sweets. But one of our favourite things about sweets is their versatility. We love that there’s a sweet and a flavour for every mood. The sweet flavours we love have the power to refresh and revive us when we’re lagging in energy. They can relax us and bring us comfort when we’re tired or stressed. They can take us back to our treasured childhood memories, or create new memories as we share them with our families

Here are some of our favourite sweet flavours, and some of the best examples of each. Hopefully, we’ll inspire you with some new ideas to add to your next Pick n Mix bundle...

1. Cola sweets

Sweet, fizzy, bubbly and refreshing, cola is one of the world’s favourite drinks. It’s great for any occasion, from parties to picnics. So it’s no surprise that his versatile beverage can also be used to flavour some of the nation’s favourite sweets. Cola bottles are an essential addition to any Pick n Mix, or if you’re looking for something even more tangy and refreshing try vegan-friendly fizzy cola bottles. We also have fizzy cola cables for those who like their treats to last longer, not to mention tangy and crunchy cola cubes.

2. Strawberry sweets

Whether they’re combined with cream while watching Wimbledon, or blended into a tasty smoothie, strawberries are the taste of summer! And while we may be in the midst of spring right now, there are lots of strawberry flavoured sweets that can be enjoyed all year round. If you’re looking for a chewy, juicy sweet that’s vegan-friendly, try delicious strawbs. Or if you prefer boiled sweets, you really can’t go wrong with strawberries and cream. Looking for something with a little extra zing? Why not try fizzy strawberry pencils? Or, if you want a truly indulgent treat, you simply have to try our decadent strawberry cheesecake fudge!

3. Cherry sweets

Of course, strawberries aren’t the only fruit that we love to flavour our sweets. We’re also huge fans of the rich sweetness of juicy cherries. And the world of sweets provides with lots of cherry flavoured goodies when we want a fruity flavoured treat. There’s nothing we love more than sinking our teeth into sugar-dusted happy cherries with just a hint of fizz. Or, if you’re looking for something to really get your teeth into, try pink cherry bonbons. Or why not combine two of our favourite flavours with these fizzy cherry cola bottles?   

4. Liquorice sweets

Since the days of ancient Egypt, human beings have been using liquorice for its robust health benefits. By the Victorian age, we had already started enjoying some of the liquorice sweets that we enjoy today. And if you love the taste of liquorice as much as we do, you won’t find our selection lacking!

We’ve got soft and chewy liquorice allsorts, as well as the retro-stylings of liquorice comfits. If you’re looking for a liquorice sweet with extra zing, there’s delicious fizzy red liquorice rolls. Or, if you like your flavours bold and simple, Salino liquorice is the sweet for you! 

Which flavours will you add to your Pick n Mix bundle?

Those are four of our favourite flavours… but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our huge sweet selection. Which delicious sweet flavours will you add to your Pick n Mix bundle? You can choose from one of our tasty ready-made bundles, or create your own from scratch!
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