6 of Our Favourite Strawberry Flavoured Sweets

What better way to celebrate the summer than with the taste of sweet, succulent strawberries? There’s no fruit that better embodies the season. And for those with a sweet tooth, the world of Pick n Mix offers a wealth of strawberry flavoured sweets to suit all tastes. Whether you’re looking for something succulent and chewy, something creamy and chocolatey, something sour and fizzy, or a long-lasting hard sweet there’s something for you. 

Strawberry lovers of all kinds will love our great range of strawberry sweets. Get the taste of summer with 6 of our favourites…


They’re chewy, they’re tasty, they’re succulent and fruity. And they’re an essential part of every self-respecting Pick n Mix. Strawbs are a gummy classic that’s perfect for any occasion, from summer picnics with the family to garden parties to relaxed evenings in front of the TV. While these strawberry goodies don’t count towards your five a day, they’re a tasty and satisfying treat for all occasions. And because they’re vegan friendly, absolutely everyone can enjoy them. 

Fizzy red liquorice rolls

Want to combine the mellow sweetness of strawberries with an intensely fizzy experience? A retro sweet that many of us remember fondly from our childhoods, fizzy red liquorice rolls combine the taste of summer with the taste of childhood. Roll out these tasty treats, take a bite and let strawberry-flavoured nostalgia flood your tastebuds! A perfect strawberry sweet for those who love the combination of sweet and sour!

Strawberry and cream cables

Strawberries and cream is one of the nation’s favourite desserts. Especially on hot summer days. But let's face it. It’s not the most portable of treats. We don’t recommend travelling with a jug of cream in your pocket. However, with strawberry and cream cables, you can take the taste of this classic dessert wherever you go. Fruity and flavoursome yet creamy and mellow, this fondant treat is one that all strawberry lovers should try.

Strawberry twists

Most strawberry flavoured sweets are chewy, juicy and succulent. Which makes a lot of sense. But for the voracious sweet lovers, who want their flavours to last longer, a boiled treat may be more appropriate. Strawberry twists are strawberry and cream flavoured hard sweets with a long-lasting and satisfying flavour that’s rich and fruity.  

Strawberry cheesecake fudge

Looking for a strawberry sweet that’s a little more decadent? You won’t a treat more sweetly satisfying than this indulgent strawberry cheesecake fudge. Marbled with beautiful swirls of pink and brown, this tasty treat combines the taste of a classic strawberry dessert with the satisfyingly dense and chewy texture of fudge. 

It’s an opulent treat that strawberry lovers, fudge lovers and chocaholics will adore. 

Soft centred turtles

Looking for a strawberry flavoured sweet that brings you something a little different? Soft centred turtles are a delicious gummy treat with a surprise in the centre! Bite through the sweet and chewy exterior and you’ll find a gooey middle packed with strawberry flavoured soft jelly. Go ahead and take a bite. We assure you that these turtles are far from endangered!

Which will you add to your Pick n Mix bundle?

We love the fresh, sweet taste of strawberries. Which is we we’re sure to stock a huge selection of strawberry sweets to suit all tastes. While these are 6 of our favourites, this post only really scratches the surface of what we have to offer. Which strawberry flavoured sweets will you add to your bundle? You can create your own Pick n Mix bundle from scratch and savour the taste of summer!
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