6 of Our Favourite Liquorice Sweets

6 of Our Favourite Liquorice Sweets

Do you love liquorice? So do we! Of course, we have nothing but love for chocolate, boiled sweets, and all things tasty and chewy. But there’s something about that distinctive liquorice flavour that keeps us coming back for more. Believe it or not, we’ve been enjoying liquorice sweets since 2500 BC. Made from the plant Glycyrrhiza Glabra, it has naturally anti-inflammatory effects, and was originally taken as a medicine. By the 19th century, however, we were enjoying liquorice sweets for their taste rather than their medicinal properties.

Not only is liquorice tasty and moreish, it’s also fantastically versatile. Liquorice sweets come in all shapes, colours, sizes and tastes. And many of them are either vegan, gluten free, or both. So everyone can enjoy the versatility of liquorice sweets. 

Here are 6 of our favourite liquorice sweets…

Liquorice allsorts

Many of us have fond childhood memories of Liquorice Allsorts. In fact, with their range of colours and textures, and subtle aniseed taste, they are a testament to the versatility of liquorice sweets. A handful of liquorice allsorts is the perfect accompaniment for any occasion from a night at the movies to a children’s party. Please note that these contain gelatine.

Liquorice comfits

Liquorice Comfits are the quintessential liquorice flavoured sweet. Beneath the cheerfully coloured candy coating, there’s a core of irresistibly chewy liquorice. Another retro classic, these multicoloured liquorice-filled capsules taste as good as they look, and are sure to bring childhood memories flooding back. And because they’re suitable for vegans and vegetarians, nobody need miss out.

Fizzy red liquorice rolls

If you want to add a little extra zing to your liquorice flavour sweet, we strongly recommend these Fizzy Red Liquorice Rolls. Red liquorice is a little sweeter than its black counterpart, and when dusted with a layer of powdery fizz, it makes for a sweet and sour taste explosion that’s great for kids and grownups alike.

Salino Liquorice

Here are all kinds of sweet and brightly-coloured liquorice sweets out there. But if you prefer your liquorice flavours bold and simple, it doesn’t get much better than Salino Liquorice. These chewy black diamonds have been enjoyed by liquorice lovers for generations. While they are vegetarian, their shiny beeswax coating makes them unsuitable for vegans. 

Black Jacks

Black Jacks

Another playground classic! Let’s be honest. We all have fond memories of peeling back the waxy paper on our Black Jacks and devouring the chewy black goodies within. Black Jacks embody the taste of childhood perhaps more than any other liquorice sweet. And are Black Jacks gluten free? You bet they are! Are they vegetarian / vegan friendly too? Yes, absolutely!

So everyone can enjoy this delicious retro treat.

Catherine Wheels

No list of beloved liquorice treats is complete without Catherine Wheels. Deliciously retro in taste and appearance, they look like vinyl records… but are much tastier! With a subtly sweet aniseed flavour, the whirls of liquorice are entwined around a tasty, chewy soft sweet centre. These goodies are sure to delight liquorice devotees of all ages. However, because they contain gelatine, they are not suitable for vegetarian liquorice lovers. 

Which liquorice sweets will you add to your bundle?

We hope that this post has shown you just how incredibly tasty and versatile liquorice sweets can be. If you can’t get enough of that liquorice flavour, you can enjoy an incredible variety of tasty treats. Best of all, this post is just the tip of the iceberg! Check out our huge selection of liquorice sweets to add to your liquorice flavour bundle. You can build your own from scratch. Or, if you’d prefer us to surprise you, why not treat yourself to one of our mystery liquorice selection

We’re certain that we can satisfy the needs of every liquorice lover with our great selection and budget-friendly prices.

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