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6 Candy-Inspired Cocktails for Your Next Party

6 Candy-Inspired Cocktails for Your Next Party

As adults we have mortgages, bills, rent, jobs and many other responsibilities, but there’s still an inner-child in all of us waiting to have fun, and what better way to bring that child-like personality out than with a delicious candy-inspired cocktail?


So whether you’re having a fun, girl’s night in, a special birthday or a cocktail party take a look at these 6 candy-inspired cocktails that will be perfect to serve at your next event.


1. Cotton Candy Martini


Martinis are known for being a very sophisticated drink, traditionally mixing either vodka or gin with vermouth and finishing it off with an olive garnish. But, the Cotton Candy Martini adds a sweet twist to the mature classic. Combining vanilla vodka, cranberry juice, lemon juice and, of course, cotton candy, this cocktail is perfect for any girly get-together. Plus, pouring the mixture over the cotton candy and watching it dissolve makes it extra magical!


2. Gummy Bear Sangria


You can get very creative with your Sangria recipes but have you ever tried adding gummy bears to the mix? It really adds a fun and tasty spin! For a Gummy Bear Sangria, you’ll need lots of fruit like apples, pears and oranges, either red or white wine depending on which you prefer, fruit juice and fizzy water, then pour everything over the gummy bears. The best part is at the end you’ll get to eat the boozy bears!


3. Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail


The Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail is the perfect dessert cocktail for chocoholics! For this totally indulgent drink, you’ll need chocolate vodka, peanut flavoured rum, chocolate liqueur and a dash of cream and chocolate syrup to garnish the drink with. Delish! Those party-goers with a sweet tooth will definitely be craving multiple Peanut Butter Cup Cocktails all night.


4. Skittles Vodka


Skittles Vodka is a super popular cocktail, especially amongst students on the cusp of adulthood but not quite ready to let go of their childhood. While it might seem pretty simple, it’s actually a bit more work but the result is definitely worth it! You’ll need to separate Skittles by colour and then add each colour into glasses of vodka and either stir or shake vigorously. Leave the mix overnight for the colour and the flavour to really soak into the vodka and then strain the Skittles out the next morning.


5. Lemon Drop Cocktail


Into sour sweets? The Lemon Drop Cocktail is the perfect mix of sweet and sour with a sharp kick that’ll make your mouth tingle. This cocktail is a delicious blend of vodka, triple sec, simple syrup, lemon juice and some crushed lemon drops to sprinkle in the bottom or line the edge of the glass with. This is a super refreshing candy-inspired cocktail and you could even add in some pear drops for some colour variation. 


6. Jelly Bean Martini


Everyone loves jelly beans! With their fun colours and fruity flavours, they’re completely addicting. They’re even tastier when you add them to a cocktail for a party. The Jelly Bean Martini is a super delicious treat that will go down a storm with guests and it’s easy to make too. All you need is vodka, sweet flavoured vodkas such as vanilla, bubblegum or marshmallow will work best, orange-flavoured liqueur and a handful of jelly beans to add to the bottom of each glass.


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