5 Super-Fun Sweet Games For Any Party

5 Super-Fun Sweet Games For Any Party

The Easter holidays are almost upon us. And that means that many of us whose kids have been at school will once again have to entertain bouncing little bundles of boundless energy. We want to give them a delicious sweet treat to show them how much we love them. But we also want to pack their days with fun activities. So why not combine two of their favourite things with some fun candy games? 

Whether you’re trying to think of fun activities for a children’s Easter party, a birthday bash, or simply a way to occupy a drizzly wet Wednesday, these awesome sweetie games are a great way to engage understimulated little ones and help them to earn their treats. 

Here are 5 sweet game ideas to get you started…

1. Chocolicious noughts and crosses

Noughts and crosses is a fun and accessible game for kids of all ages. But instead of drawing little circles and crosses on a grid, why not use different coloured delicious chocolates? Pink and white mice are a good option to use for this game.  

2. Treasure hunts

A treasure hunt may take a bit of setting up for Mums and Dads. But it also brings a great sense of adventure for kids. What’s more, it keeps the kids occupied (and away from any screens) for longer periods of time, so you can go about your day and / or work without worrying about what the kids are up to. Put clues on little cards around the home and garden and watch them sleuth their way to the treasure. Which can be any bundle of sweets you like. You might even want to scatter a few sweets among the clues to keep the kids motivated. 

3. Pinata

Once a beloved Mexican tradition, Pinatas have made their way all over the world, and are now readily available in UK supermarkets. Pinatas are paper and card figures (usually donkeys, dinosaurs or even unicorns) packed full of family favourite sweets. They combine two of every child’s favourite activities. Eating sweets, and hitting things! The Pinata is hung somewhere like a tree branch or a door frame. Kids then take turns to hit the pinata with a stick until the delicious goodies within come spilling out. Sometimes the child in question is blindfolded or spun round and round to make the game more challenging. Whatever they’re able to liberate from the paper and card package, they’re able to keep.

While this game, needless to say, needs to be carefully supervised, it can make for a whole lot of fun!

4. Hack that chocolate!

You may not have thought that chocolate and table manners would make for a fun combo. But this game really is a great laugh for kids and big kids alike. Especially once parties become permissible again. All you need is a big bar of chocolate, a pair of gloves, a wooly hat and scarf, knife and fork, and a single 6-sided die.

A group of kids sit in a circle around the bar of unwrapped chocolate. They then take it in turns to roll the die. If one child rolls a 6 they need to run to the chocolate, put on the hat, gloves and scarf, and cut chunks off the chocolate bar with their knife and fork. Meanwhile, the other children in the group are all trying to roll a 6. As soon as one child succeeds, whoever is eating the chocolate needs to stop and remove the garments for the next player to have a go. 

5. The great British marshmallow race

Like the great British boat race, but on land. And with marshmallows. Well, it’s actually nothing like the great British boat race. But it’s still a lot of fun! Kids have a drinking straw and need to move a pile of marshmallows from a plate on one side of the room to another plate on the other side of the room within a set time limit. No hands are allowed. Kids need to suck the marshmallow up with a straw and keep it there as they race to the other side of the room.

Which sweets will you choose for your kids’ sweet games?

Any of these games is a fun way for kids to earn a tasty sweet treat. And we have a huge range of bundles to suit any kids’ tastes. Or you can even create your own from scratch! 

Which will you use for your fun sweet games?

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