Top 10 ‘90s Retro Sweets You Loved as a Kid

Top 10 ‘90s Retro Sweets You Loved as a Kid

Many will tell you the ‘90s was one of the best decades ever! It was the last decade before technology really took over, legendary music was created and the fashion was...well...questionable but still iconic. One of the best things to come out of the ‘90s though was the fun and tasty sweets that we can all fondly remember.


Let us take you back in time with our list of the top 10 ‘90s retro sweets that you craved as a kid!


1. Millions


Tiny, tasty and chewy, it was always fun seeing how many Millions you could fit in your mouth in one go. These delicious sweets come in all different colours and flavours too. From Cola Millions and Strawberry Millions to Raspberry Millions and Apple Millions there was always something for everyone to love. They’re still super popular amongst kids today and available in the majority of shops in the UK so you can get your fix of throwback sweets!


2. Kola Cubes


Anyone who loved Cola as a kid was always the first to add the classic Kola Cubes to their pick and mix bags. These red, sugary sweet hard-boiled treats had a surprise chewy centre that was totally addicting and perfect to suck on. Tangy, punchy and completely irresistible, we think we can all agree that they were the best Cola flavoured sweets around in the ‘90s.


3. Catherine Wheels


Catherine Wheels were the perfect lunchtime snack in the ‘90s! Not only did they smell amazing but they tasted great too! The long, black aniseed-flavoured lace reeled around a colourful, soft jelly sweet that was always fun to eat and unwind. Ideal for liquorice lovers Catherine Wheels were made with natural colours and flavours and are still widely available in the UK.


4. Liquorice Allsorts


Another super popular sweet for liquorice lovers were the classic Liquorice Allsorts! Packed with coconut, aniseed and fruit flavours along with a variety of unique textures, these retro ‘90s sweets were always a hit, especially at parties. Fun, chewy and colourful, each Allsort was always a tasty treat and, just like Catherine Wheels, they were made with no artificial colours or flavours.


5. Pear Drops


Craving a little fruity sweet treat? Pear Drops are a perfect choice! These pink and yellow pear flavoured hard-boiled sweets had a sugar dusting that always ended up on your fingers afterwards,  just begging to be licked off to savour every last drop. Pear Drops were a fan favourite in the ‘90s and they’re still just as loved today.


6. Dolly Mixture

Who doesn’t love reaching into a bag and pulling a big handful of delicious Dolly Mixture out? With a range of fun, pastel colours and subtle, fruity flavours, these tasty little sweets are a triple threat of gummy, fizzy and foamy textures that ‘90s kids in the UK all know and love. Dolly Mixture sweets were the perfect snack for birthday parties and sleepovers and were great for decorating cupcakes with too!


7. Jelly Babies


Jelly Babies are a classic British sweet that was created in 1918 and really shot up in popularity in the ‘90s. Available in a wide variety of bold colours and strong flavours, Jelly Babies are incredibly moreish and were almost a household essential for ‘90s kids. Shaped like little plump babies, these cute sweets are ultra fruity and even contain real fruit juice. No artificial flavours or colouring are used here!


8. Liquorice Comfits


Remember these bright and colourful treats? Liquorice Comfits are a real ‘90s throwback! With a hard, outer shell and a chewy black liquorice centre, these sweets are the perfect bittersweet combo that has stood the test of time. And, because they were loved so much, bigger versions of the sweets were released known as Liquorice Torpedoes which were just as popular. 


9. Candy Watch

No matter the decade Candy Watches will always be fashionable! As the watch of choice for many kids in the ‘90s, these sweet treats were so much fun and oddly satisfying as you bit off every piece. With a subtle sherbet flavour, they tasted just as good as they looked too. You’re never too old to enjoy one of these retro Candy Watches either so go ahead and indulge!


10. Chocolate Jazzies


Perfect for any and all chocolate lovers, Chocolate Jazzies were high on every ‘90s kids sweet shop wishlist. The classic milk chocolate disks covered in multi-coloured sprinkles were a delicious treat that would melt in your mouth and were impossible to resist. Even now Chocolate Jazzies are enjoyed by both the young and old and we’re certain they’ll be popular for many more decades to come.


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