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6 Best Sweet Bundles that are Perfect for Gifts

6  Best Sweet Bundles that are Perfect for Gifts 

Perfect gifts for the makeups, the breakups, the girly nights in, the birthday nights out, the thank you’s, the sorry’s, and even treat yourself moments. Guaranteed to get the reaction you’re looking for, all bundles come with a personalised handwritten note. There’s also next day delivery so you can get cute (or cheeky) even if you’re running late. Don’t worry, we’ll help you to find your perfect gift, and get it there on time.

Finding the perfect gift is always harder than it first seems. It’s a mission that goes round in circles, takes up a lot of time, and annoyingly seems to end in buying the first thing you saw. So, whether you’ve been trawling the internet for hours, or are lucky to land here as your first port of call, get ready to breathe a long sigh of relief. We’re going to take you through 7 of our finest online pick and mix bundles….


1. Mystery Pick and Mix selection

How brave are you feeling? Avoid decision exhaustion with this exciting mystery pick n mix gift. Expect some pleasant surprises amongst an assortment of the UK’s best sellers. You’ve already done enough, sit back and relax - we’ll do the rest of the hard work. 


2. Movie Night Bundle

Cinemas closing their candy counters doesn’t mean you’ve got to miss out on the full movie experience. We stumbled, quite literally, onto this idea when we tripped up into our cinema seats and spilled our sweets all over our popcorn. It was a happy accident, and we now crave the delightful pairing daily. Sounds weird? We’d put it up there with some of the most popular ‘accidental’ products used in the world today - post-it notes, penicillin, and the slinky. (But of course, we’d say that). Give the movie night bundle a go for yourself. 



3. Vegan Sweet Bundle

Buying a tasty present for a vegan friend can certainly be tricky if you’re not well versed. Did you know that our love hearts, fizzy cola bottles, lemon bonbons, flying saucers, candy watches, fizzy cherry cola bottles, peach rings, and many more pick and mix sweets are actually vegan? At Pick & Mix London, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest ranges of sweets suitable for vegans. The Vegan Sweet Bundle will be packed full of retro sweets, childhood sweets, and plenty of stereotypical English sweets. There are absolutely no animal products or gelatin to be found here. You have our word.


4. Halloween Selection

We doubt that trick or treating will be given the OK during the pandemic restrictions … but what does that mean for Halloween?! We’ll tell you what. You get to keep all the best pick n mix sweets for yourself! Give your friends, kids, or partner the gift of a sensationally spooky Halloween party at home this October (whilst following the rules). Trust us this is a pure treat, no sign of a trick here … or is there? Good luck.


5. Vegetarian Sweet Bundle

Vegetarians are seriously in for a treat with these pick n mix sweets. We’ll put together a dreamy vegetarian sweet bundle so there’s no need for you to scour the internet for suitable options. Smarties, Rosey apples, lemon, cherry and apple bonbons, yogurt coated raisins, milk chocolate honeycomb, mermaids, strawbs, raspberry millions, and strawberry cheesecake fudge are only just the beginning. If you’re looking for vegetarian brownie points, this is the way to do it.

6. Party Bags

These sweet gift ideas might be smaller in size but they still pack a punch. Zoom parties have started to get a bit samey, which really sucks. We recommend mixing things up with some sweet treats. Research over the lockdown has shown that you can reach a deeper connection by enjoying the same experience at the same time (even if it’s behind different screens). These party bags are perfect for sharing virtual weddings, birthday parties, work get-togethers, and more … what a world we live in hey. 


Gifts are wonderful things - they elevate gratitude, happiness, and increase overall wellbeing. We think they’re something special which is why we spend time handwriting your message on every gift. Keep an eye out as due to popular demand we’ll soon be releasing our personalised sweetie jars too! 

Personalise your perfect gift here. 

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