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6 Candy Bar Buffet Ideas & Sweets to Include

6 Candy Bar Buffet Ideas & Sweets to Include

At the moment, trying to find a fun new way to entertain friends is one of the top things we want to do. Finding something more interesting than a quiz can be tough, so what better than a candy buffet for you and some friends? You can get each guest their own bowl and tongs, and you can create your own pick and mix! 
Below are some of our favourites for a fun candy buffet, and some ideas for when you could host one - not that we need an excuse! 
Raspberries and blackberries 

Rasberries and Blackberries

Crunchy and filled with a delicious fruity jelly, these raspberries and blackberries are perfect for a candy buffet. Easy to pick up with tongs, they’re great for popping in a bowl and being able to take as many as you want! 
Salted Caramel Fudge 

Salted caramel fudge

This creamy, sweet fudge is super for a candy buffet - it’s a delicious blend of sweet and salt. Great for those friends who like something a little different in their Pick and Mix, and easily grazable too! 
Jelly beans 

Jelly beans

Who doesn’t love jelly beans?! Either taking them by the handful (or getting the biggest tongs you own!) or carefully selecting them colour by colour, they’re sure to be a hit at the candy buffet party. Pink, green, yellow, red or blue, your friends are certainly going to be coming back for more! 
Chocolate Jazzies 

chocolate jazzies

Chocolate Jazzies were a staple of our childhoods (check out our other blogpost here about the 90s sweets we all loved!). Jazzies provide a delicious chocolate dynamic to the Pick & Mix candy buffet, with that satisfying crunch of their colourful rainbow balls on top. They’re bound to go down well! 
Chocolate and peanut butter fudge 

chocolate and penutbutter fudge

We’re nuts about peanut and chocolate fudge here at Pick & Mix London, and we hope your pals will be too. Nutty, creamy and so so satisfying, this chocolate and peanut butter is sure to be a hit at your candy buffet. 
Fruit salads 

fruit salads

This throwback sweet will have your guests reminiscing about childhood. Their fruity, tropical flavour, and the fun of unwrapping has always been key to the success of fruit salads as a sweet, and as they’re pre-wrapped, they’re even better! 
Ideal occasions to host your very own candy buffet 
Engagement party 
What better way to celebrate love than by a buffet of the happy couple’’s favourite sweets? A selection of their childhood favourites or the sweets they had on their first cinema date, an engagement party is a wonderful time to celebrate love, and sweets! 
Staying sweet: Love Hearts 
Baby shower 
Mums to be craving certain foods? Excited friends bringing gifts? A gender reveal at the party itself? A candy buffet is the ideal feature! Pink sweets or blue sweets, or a mixture of all for everyone! 
Staying sweet: Millions - they come in all colours and are always a firm favourite. 
Birthday party 
We love cake, and we love sweets with cake! Why not mix it up by having ‘decorate your own’ cupcakes with sweets, at your birthday party, from a candy buffet? 
Staying sweet: Dolly Mixtures - we love these on cupcakes, adding a pop of colour! 
Pride party 
Missed out on Pride this year? Not to worry, hosting your own could be as much fun! Our multicoloured bundle sweets are ideal, with every colour under the sun you can recreate pride at home with your favourite sweet and your favourite friends! 
Staying sweet: Jelly Babies - in nearly every colour they’re perfect! 

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