10 of the Best Halloween Sweets for Trick or Treating

10 of the Best Halloween Sweets for Trick or Treating

Halloween is coming and while trick or treating may not be allowed this year, (don’t worry, there’s always next year!) we can still get cosy in the living room, put on a scary movie and binge on delicious Halloween sweets! 

Here are 10 of our favourite Halloween sweets which are perfect for celebrating the holiday and trick or treating every year.


1. Milk Chocolate Eyeballs

Milk Chocolate Eyeballs are spooky and delicious and we could eat them by the dozen! These tasty festive treats are super popular and can always be found in every kid’s trick or treat bucket. If you’re hosting a Halloween movie night they’d look great in a large sharing bowl.


2. Teeth Fangs

How many times did you put these in foamy Teeth Fangs in your mouth and pretend you were a vampire? Too many times to count we bet! These sweets not only taste great but provide plenty of Halloween fun too.


3. Jelly Filled Skulls

Jelly Filled Skulls look super gruesome but taste so good, making them perfect for Halloween! Kids will love pulling these sweets apart to reveal the gooey centre. And adults will love sneaking two or three once the kids have gone to bed. 


4. Fun-Sized Chocolate Bars

Popular chocolate bars...but mini! What could be more fun? It’s always exciting finding one of these chocolaty fun-sized bars after an evening of trick or treating. And, you can eat as many as you like without feeling guilty because they’re so adorably small!


5. Witches Heads


Witches Heads are a fun, foamy treat that look creepy but are very moreish. These strawberry flavoured sweets will make for a truly spooktacular Halloween. Perfect for trick or treating as well as Halloween parties they’ll definitely add something extra special to the mix.


6. Jelly Bones


Eeekk how frightful do these look?! Jelly Bones are the perfect mix between jelly and foamy with a delicious strawberry flavour. These chewy sweets are suitably spooky enough for trick or treating. We’re positive kids will love finding these in their buckets.


7. Lollipops

No trick or treat bucket will be complete without a few lollipops thrown in the mix! With so many varieties available, from fizzy and fruity to hard-boiled and chewy, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy.


8. Fizzy Sour Apples

Fizzy Sour Apples are little apple-shaped gummy treats that will make your jaw tingle with how wonderfully sour they are. These sweets are totally addicting...just make sure they haven’t been poisoned before you indulge!


9. Jelly Snakes

There’s no denying snakes are creepy and menacing, which is why these tasty Jelly Snakes are perfect for Halloween! These classic sweets are super fruity and fun to eat. If you spot these in the kids trick or treat bucket, you can be sure it’s been a successful night.


10. Sugar Coated Soft Centred Marshmallows

These Sugar Coated Soft Centred Marshmallows are a fun treat with a gooey twist. As jelly oozes from the centre kids will love biting into them this Halloween. Ultra-tasty and impossible to resist, make sure you stock up for Halloween parties and excitable trick or treaters.


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