10 Delicious Discontinued British Sweets We All Miss

10 Delicious Discontinued British Sweets We All Miss 

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Over the years, there have been countless amazing sweets and treats that we’ve all enjoyed. But, sadly, for whatever reason many of them have been discontinued in the UK, causing an understandable uproar amongst fans.

Here are 10 of the delicious sweets that have been discontinued that we’d love to see brought back to life one day!

1. Galaxy Truffles

The removal of the beloved Galaxy Truffle in the Celebration was an absolute travesty! Of all the sweets they could’ve removed in that tub, *cough* Bounty *cough*, it was a real mystery why, arguably, the best one was taken away. Even today there are forums and petitions begging to bring the delightful Galaxy Truffle back.

2. Cadbury Dream

The creamy and delicious Cadbury Dream bar launched in 2002 and was dropped just a few years later because of poor sales, much to the dismay of white chocolate lovers everywhere. While they aren’t available in the UK anymore, they are still manufactured in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, so, if you’re planning a trip to these places make sure you take a suitcase just to stock up on these bars!

3. Calippo Shots

Calippo Shots were the perfect hot summer day treat! These delicious strawberry and lemon flavoured icy shots were always fun to eat and to see who could reach the bottom first. And, best of all, when they melted you were left with one big fruity, refreshing clump at the end. It was a shame to see these had been discontinued but there have been several rumours of a potential comeback! 🤞

4. Flake Snow

Flake Snow, or Snowflake as it was more commonly known, was a crumbly white chocolate version of the iconic Flake bar. With white chocolate in the middle, surrounded by milk chocolate, this bar was revered by chocoholics everywhere! Sadly it was discontinued back in 2008, which still baffles people to this day, but was subsequently launched in Australia.

5. Space Dust

Space Dust was a super fun, popping candy style sweet that would burst on your tongue and was available in a wide variety of flavours. It ended up being discontinued because of an urban myth going around that eating Space Dust along with a fizzy drink could make your stomach explode! Since then, safer replicas have been released but they were never quite the same.

6. Candy Cigarettes

Okay, so we totally understand why Candy Cigarettes were banned, they didn’t exactly send out a good message to kids. But, we still miss their sweet flavour and the fun element they provided. These sweets are actually still available with some online retailers but have been renamed Candy Sticks. 

7. White Chocolate Maltesers

Everyone knows and loves the light and airy milk chocolate Maltesers. But do you remember the white chocolate version? These little balls of goodness were discontinued in 2014 because of poor sales, but we don’t know anyone who disliked them! Even today, on the Facebook post announcing the sad news people still comment to ask when they will return.

8. Rowntrees Bursting Bugs

While they looked pretty disgusting, Rowntrees Bursting Bugs was a very yummy sweet and were extremely popular in the ‘90s. These chewy sweets had a gooey, syrupy centre with a strong fruit flavour that was totally addicting. Halloween hasn’t quite been the same since these creepy-crawly sweets were discontinued in the early 2000s.

9. Campino Strawberry and Cream Sweets

Let us unlock a memory you forgot you had with the Campino Strawberry and Cream sweets! These red and white hard-boiled sweets are a major throwback and were on the shelves in supermarkets across the UK for over 40 years before being discontinued because of the excessive amount of E-numbers in them!

10. Starburst Joosters

Starburst Juicers was a seriously underrated sweet! As smaller and harder versions of the traditional chewy Starburst sweets, these were full of flavour, easy to consume and super moreish. We don’t know or understand why these sweets were banned in the UK, but they are still readily available in America under the name ‘Starburst Jelly Beans’.

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