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10 Best Pick N Mix Sweets for Party Bags

10 Best Pick N Mix Sweets for Party Bags

Receiving a party bag at the end of a super fun birthday party was always an exciting moment. A slice of cake in a napkin, a balloon to take home, colourful party blower whistles (all parents loved that one right? 😂) and, of course, delicious sweets to enjoy!

Nowadays, the party bag game is strong, with parents competing to create the best party bag for their kid’s friends. Make your child’s birthday party one to remember with the ultimate party bag filled with all the best sweets!

1. Cola Bottles

Every kid loves Cola Bottles, they’ve been a classic sweet for years and finding these delicious Cola flavoured gummies in a party bag is sure to delight. If you want to jazz things up a bit you can also include Fizzy Cola Bottles for the kids who prefer a sweet and sour treat.

2. Flying Saucers

Vibrant and tasty, seeing the ever-popular Flying Saucers in a party bag will cheer up any kid who’s sad the party is over. These pastel-coloured, mini UFO sweets are filled with sherbet that makes your tongue tingle after they melt in your mouth and have been a favourite sweet in the UK since the 60s.

3. Candy Watch

Don’t forget to include the iconic Candy Watch in your party bags for children to wear, and eat, around the house or at school. This retro sweet will be a major throwback for parents and kids are sure to love the fun colours, great taste and playfulness of them. 

4. Pink and white Mice

No party bag is complete without a little chocolate treat and these Pink and White Mice are the perfect addition. With a mix of irresistible strawberry and cream flavoured chocolate, pink and white mice are both cute and tasty!

5. Love Hearts

Little packets of Love Hearts bring so much joy to many, whether they’re shared with friends or family, they’re a sweet that everyone will enjoy. With their pastel colours, sherbet flavour and adorable message, Love Hearts are always a winner and will brighten up any party bag!

6. Jelly Snake

We can only imagine the excitement as a child looks into their party bag and sees a huge Jelly Snake inside. As a firm favourite for years amongst both adults and children, you can’t go wrong when choosing to include this chewy and fruity sweet.

7. Fried Eggs

Simple, timeless and oh so yummy, Fried Eggs are a classic sweet that’s the perfect combination of foamy and gummy. We’re positive all kids will be thrilled to find these in their party bags. And, if they don’t manage to eat them all, we know parents will happily finish them off!

8. Dolly Mixture

There’s something for everyone to enjoy in a handful of Dolly Mixture. From gummy, fizzy and foamy textures with a range of flavours and colours, these retro sweets are still super popular today and will be a huge hit in any party bag.

9. Happy Cherries

For more fizzy sweet options, the classic Happy Cherries are the answer! These sweets are fruity and refreshing with a sour sugar coating that kids love. As one of the most popular sweets in the UK, it’s a no brainer that these should be included in your party bags.

10. Smarties

Colourful, tasty and super moreish, Smarties are the perfect sweet for chocolate lovers that just never gets old. Adding them to your Pick N Mix bundle for a party bag will definitely make you a hero as the kids enjoy fitting as many Smarties in their mouth as possible!

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